Past Perfect Furnishings

by Ruth

We can help you restore, refinish, and renew that furniture you love. Turn your hidden treasures into something new!

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I’m Ruth Morgan, Owner and Artist At
Past Perfect Furnishings by Ruth

I have a passion for bringing new life to old things! I love antiques, reclaimed furniture and furnishings, old and broken pieces, and especially abandoned furniture on the side of the road. On this website you’ll see the transformations I have already completed, and have an opportunity to contact me to get a quote to customize your own treasured furniture pieces. It is my goal to turn every piece into a work of art that can be enjoyed for years to come. On my blog, I offer tips and tricks for doing your own projects, along with product information, and of course a little more info about myself. I offer local services in the Las Vegas area, and shipping quotes are available for the continental US. Thank you for allowing me to help you make your home beautiful!

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“Love all of my pieces from Ruth, especially a custom dining room table with chairs and old dresser that she brought back to life with decoupage, paint, and her artistic eye.”

Lucy Joya

“She’s awesome in general and very talented! Everyone knows nurses have talented hands that can heal people, but Ruth’s hands are so talented that she can heal not only people but furniture as well.”

Jill Hammack McLeod

“Great job, pretty swift turn around time on custom pieces!”

Doug Doster

“Some fabulous reborn furnishings come from Past Perfect Furnishing By Ruth Morgan I recommend everyone to Like, Follow, and Share Past Perfect Furnishings every Week there is something Happening in Ruth’s Workshop for Sale and Ruth Does a Live FB Video on Friday evenings…”

Chris D’Elia

“These piece are beautiful recreated. Love them all!!!”

Patty Ann Brown

“Creative and artistic. Your transformations are magical!”

Nancy Parker Beckum

“Such talent. Beautiful work!”

Laura Moore

“Incredible Furnishings and reasonable prices!!!!!”

Tim Kauska

“Love Love your new name as it fits Perfectly”

Madonna Batte

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