Goodwill had no idea what they had on their hands with this baby!

A client friend of mine was out shopping at thrift stores with her husband one afternoon, when she found this large heavy coffee table for just $30! She called me on Facetime just before the store closed, so I could see the table. She wanted to know if I could work some magic on it - they had just bought another farmhouse-style table that would be in the same room, and she wanted the coffee table to match the style and have a similar color. Well, of course I was up for the challenge! The table got cleaned, and the top was sanded down - not too much, though, because it had a veneer covering (more about veneer in another post!). I hand painted the legs and base of the table with a little sump'n-sump'n paint blend that I had on hand. I honestly can't tell you how many colors and types of paint I used to make that lovely teal color, but I was really digging the way it turned out! I busted out my trusty orbital sander and lightly sanded the areas that would naturally see wear and tear with a 220 grit sandpaper. I sealed the paint with some clear wax, and flipped the table upright again. Now to start on the top! I put on a couple of layers of Jacobean stain, and then added a layer of Kona to make it just a little bit darker and richer. When I felt like I had the perfect color (I work a lot by "feel"!), I let it dry overnight, and then applied a couple of thick coats of satin polycrylic. Back to the base of the table. You didn't think that was all, did you? Now to add the finishing touch. Until now, the bright teal color looked a little garish. I took out some antique wax and brushed it in sections, into the details of the legs and the leafy areas on the sides. After each section, I took a lint-free cloth and wiped off the excess wax so that it was just left in certain areas. The results are delicious!  What do you think of the finished product? All of the products I used are water-based and dry quickly. You could recreate the finish on this table in just a day, although I did this one over several days as I was also working on other projects. I'll be doing some tutorial videos in the future, and I can't wait to start showing you all how I create some of the finishes that I love to do. Leave me a comment if there's a finish or technique you'd like to learn about, and please subscribe to the blog!

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